Webtransfer-finance — earning without investment

What is Webtransfer Presentation


I offer you real money on the Internet (without attachments)!

What to do:

1. Go to this link here or the banner above or below

2. To be registered through any social network;

3. Complete verification (to confirm your mobile number, you will receive a free SMS with a confirmation code);

4. During registration you will be credited with $ 50. (You bring them can not, and start earning - yes!)

5. Press "INVEST". You will see the page "give credit";

6. Make a deposit of $ 50 for 10 days at 1.4 - 1.9% on the day;

7. Get your first dollar in 10 days; 8. Place the mouse pointer on the name, select from the menu to "affiliate", we find there your affiliate link, post it on your page in the groups invite this link friends, acquaintances and receive a percentage of their earnings.


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